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As an avid reader, I love to know what’s on people’s TBR (‘to be read’) lists! Here are three books I’m hoping to read this year and why I’ve chosen them.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Now a film as well as a novel, I feel the story will be as heartbreaking as it is beautiful. Partly, I want to read it as it’s seemed so popular with other readers and partly, I’m reading it because it’s the book chosen as the March read in my book club. If you’re an Open University student and are looking for a book club to join, come over and join us at the OU Reading Nook!

The Marriage Of Opposites by Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman is my favourite author. I own all of her novels and adore the majority of them. I love the blend of magic and reality in her early novels; how life is gritty and cruel but there’s always some hope to be found if you look for it. I’ve been less keen on her more recent novels and that’s why I’ve been reluctant to read this title. But this year, I’ve decided I must read it!

Happy: Why More Or Less Everything Is Fine by Derren Brown

From watching ‘Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette Live’ on Channel 4 through to seeing ‘Miracle’ live in Manchester, Derren’s shows have fascinated me for years. I’m curious to read this book by Derren, which deals with the subject of happiness. I’ve never read a book by Derren either, so it will be interesting to see what he is like as an author rather than showman.

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