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Business owners are often used to doing every job within the business themselves. Initially, it helps startups retain cash they need to continue to invest and grow which is especially important for those who don’t have external investment.

Inevitably though, every business that is growing becomes too much for just one man. The more your business grows, the more likely it is that you’ll need to seek external expertise for a variety of reasons. It might be that you hire employees or you outsource certain tasks.


Growing businesses usually have an increase in something tangible. It could be physical stock, it could be customer enquiries - but whatever it is, you’ll likely need an extra pair of hands to help you with the increased volume. If you’re getting an extra pair of hands, why not look for someone who will bring specialist knowledge and skills to the role?

For example, if you’re dealing with stock, someone experienced in stock control could bring ideas and innovation to your business. Or if you have lots of customer enquiries, why not get a customer service or sales expert to help you make the most of every potential customer?


As your business grows and becomes more complex, so do your responsibilities as a business owner. From tax liabilities, to payroll, to expanding your sales channels - there’ll be more that needs managing and more expertise needed.

Whether you’re looking for an accountant or a marketing specialist, finding the right experts can make all the difference - from just lightening the load to adding wisdom and experience that you yourself just don’t have.


Most businesses hope to scale. Whether you’re already growing or you’ve plateaued, it’s never too soon to be thinking about how you’re going to continue developing your business.

Experts who can help you at this stage are varied. You might need an expert in your industry who has already taken the journey that you’re now on. You might need someone who can train you in - or fully manage - sales and marketing strategies. You might need a business development specialist who will come into your business and help you fully realise your potential.

Let go.

The most important thing a business owner needs to do, once they’ve found the expert(s) they need, is to trust in them and let go. Business owners who try to keep ownership of tasks they’ve handed over end up stifling the creativity and productivity of others, whilst simultaneously preventing themselves from focusing on other aspects of their business that would lead them to success.

As Andrew Carnegie said, “No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.”

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