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You built a great business and now you’ve made the leap and franchised your idea. As you get busier with new franchisees, it’s time to look at the benefits of making your franchise management digital.

Ensure your brand is consistent.

You’ve spent time building your brand and you want to ensure that you give your franchisees the right tools to ensure a consistent brand experience for all customers. To avoid franchisees setting up and using their own external booking systems and each choosing how to take payment (e.g. cash, cheque, Paypal, Stripe), you can have a central booking system that runs all franchises.

The central booking system forms your back office system but can also be integrated with your franchise website, so that customers of all franchises can book directly online. This means that a customer will get a consistent brand experience when they book, no matter which area they book in. The online payment system will be standardised across all franchises, and other payment and pricing options can be set centrally or amended locally, to suit your needs.

Automate your franchises.

Booking forms, contracts and invoices are important documents. You want brand consistency but customised triplicate pads are expensive and amending templates for each new franchisee is time consuming. Take the time and expense out of this process by using a digital system that can automatically generate paperwork, including invoice numbers and the franchisee or customer’s details.

Digital systems are easier to scale up.

Bringing on new franchisees can be done more efficiently and accurately if you’re using a digital system. This is because there’s fewer things that require initial set up - e.g. ordering physical paperwork templates or amending digital templates for new franchisees. All business management, filing and reporting are done digitally so there’s also much less to train your franchisees in. Once a franchisee has had their system training, they’ll be all set to build their business!

Allow your franchisees to self-serve.

If you have a website, you’ll likely want a page for each franchisee to allow their customers to visit and book. By investing in a bespoke digital system built just for your franchise, you can add clever features - such as the automatic set up of a basic franchisee webpage. The franchisee then works through the set up process themselves in the intuitive, straight forward system. This means they can self-serve and set up their own franchisee page - but within the boundaries and rules set by you to ensure a consistent brand experience.

Quick and easy generation of management information.

With a franchise brand, generating and analysing management information can be complex. This is because franchisees want reports that contain information about their customers and sales performance. The overall franchise owner and area managers want reports that contain information about customers and sales performance within each franchise, and for all franchises in total.

With a bespoke reporting system developed as part of your franchise management system, you can automatically generate reports that meet your requirements. You can run reports ad-hoc with an easy-to-use search interface, or have them generated and saved automatically at a timescale to suit you (e.g. monthly). Your digital system will join everything up for you; because every customer, franchisee and you as the franchise owner all use the same central system, all data is accessible at the click of a button. This removes time consuming research and data gathering tasks that you and you franchisees would otherwise have to undertake.

Want to find out more about a bespoke franchise management system? Call us on 0161 871 7429 and we’ll discuss how digital franchise management could benefit you.

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