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In the technology industry, much seems to be said about encouraging more women to study or work in technology and the need for support for female tech start ups. But what about women holding senior roles outside of the technology industry?

When I go networking, one of the things that has surprised me the most is how often female business owners and directors say to me, ‘Oh! I’m not technical.’ It’s surprising because these women are often my age and sometimes younger. We are the generations who have grown up with computers in our schools, who saw the evolution of mobile technology like phones and tablets and who all likely rely on our smartphones and apps in our day-to-day lives.

Apart from technology being so interwoven with our daily lives, technology also brings the chance for innovation and even income diversification for all kinds of businesses. When women holding senior roles sheepishly change the conversation and make jokes about how non-technical they are, they could be missing out.

Technology has proven itself to very much be the future and you don’t need to code or work in the technology sector specifically to be able to understand and apply the advantages technology could offer their role or their business as a whole.

For example, here at Centu, the day-to-day technical aspects of our work (e.g. programming) are just our ‘how’. But if you talk to us and our clients, you’d find that we’re focused on the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ is just the means we use to achieve it.

So, if you’re a female director or business owner, don’t be afraid to engage in a conversation about technology and most of all, always ask, ‘Why?’ and you might be surprised by the insights you gain.

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