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Now the New Year is in full swing, you might be struggling for inspiration or for a good article to read that isn’t just about new year resolutions or goals. So, here are 5 unusual businesses and what makes them different! From a cat café to chocolate ravioli, these businesses are proof that just because it hasn’t been done before, it doesn’t mean it can’t be successful!

Mini worlds wrapped up in a piece of jewellery.

I blame Pinterest for my current obsession with Terranium Jewellery! There are many examples on Etsy and Pinterest of moss terranium rings and pressed flower rings. Jie is based in South London and has made this lovely selection of terranium rings. You can even make a custom order if there’s something else you fancy!

Sharing afternoon tea with a few cats.

At Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, you and up to 5 (human!) friends can have high tea or a party in the company of some feline friends. You can even go one step further on the path of the cat craze and take part in one of their ‘Knit with Cats’ evening knitting sessions! Cats and crafts, what could be better?

And for main - or should that be dessert? Chocolate ravioli.

I originally found this article that reported that Chocolate Ravioli containing gorgonzola and pear in butter and walnut was being served at The Chocolate Museum in London. However, on their main website, I can’t find reference to this. So, instead! I present The Pasta Factory in Manchester, where for dessert, you can choose chocolate ravioli!

Think books are boring? Think again!

Visual Editions launched in 2010 with the intention of making books a fun and more visually appealing experience. You can see the weird and wonderful ways they’ve played with books – both new stories and old classics – on their Our Books page. I especially love ‘Where You Are’ by ’16 Writers, Artists, Thinkers’.

Not help for a hangover, but help when you have a hangover!

I’ve stuck to UK businesses so far, but I just had to include this genius business idea from Australia! When you’ve had a party and have a hangover, you can call in the Hangover Helpers and they’ll bring you breakfast and clean and tidy the party rooms for you! As they put it on their website, ‘We’ll take the tequila out of your sunrise!’.

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