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1. Work and live in another country.

If your organisation has offices overseas, take the opportunity to travel if you can! Working abroad can give you an insight into global business and offers you a chance to sample new places and cultures. If your organisation doesn’t already have one, why not suggest setting up a work exchange scheme so staff can swap locations with one another within the organisation?

2. Be a mentor.

There may be people within your organisation that you could mentor or you could look outside of your organisation - e.g. work programmes, schools and colleges - to find people who would really appreciate you being their mentor. Mentoring doesn’t just look good on your resume; it’s also a rewarding experience and offers you the chance to give back to your organisation or community. You also make great links with other people and you never know when they may be in a position to help you someday.

3. Manage a project, from start to finish.

You don’t need to be in a project management role to achieve this. Whatever your role, department or responsibilities, think of an idea that you could implement that would make a positive difference to your team or the organisation. Then see the idea through, from pitching it to management to implementing it within the business and reviewing the results.

4. Be a speaker at a public event.

Public speaking is great for your confidence. It can help raise your profile and that of your organisation. You will also benefit from meeting other like minded people, building yourself a great network of business connections.

5. Develop a unique invention and patent it.

This is a little trickier! But remember; it’s often the simplest of ideas that solve an obvious problem that are the most popular inventions. So, don’t overthink it and don’t be disappointed if your first idea doesn’t come off! Business is about perseverance and if you can generate your own patented invention, it can provide a future business opportunity for you and a future investment opportunity for others.

6. Nominate yourself or your business for an award.

This can be difficult - especially for us introverts! But if you’re good at your job or you’re proud of your organisation, why not shout it from the rooftops? Enter yourself or your organisation in some awards so that you can get some much-deserved recognition!

7. Lecture at a university or college.

If you’re an expert in your field or if you’ve worked in a particular field or industry for many years, why not make the most of that experience and offer to lecture at your local college or university? Whether you’re a one-off guest lecturer or a regular lecturer, you’ll get to meet inspiring young people and be part of a diverse academic community outside of your organisation.

8. Build a portfolio of freelance work.

Whether you want to become your own boss or whether you just want to develop a portfolio that demonstrates the full range of your abilities for future employers, freelance work is a great place to start. Whether you have five hours a week or twenty, use your spare time to pick up freelance projects and develop your portfolio. You could use it explore your interests outside of work or use it as a way to monetise your hobby. It’s great for your resume and great for your wallet, too!

9. Learn a language.

Although technology is advancing, there’s still great demand for multilingual people in business. Forget the boredom and awkwardness of your school lessons; immerse yourself in a new language by living or working abroad, or if you need to stay closer to home, try a learning platform like Rosetta Stone. Remember, practice is key! So try to find study buddies learning the same language or even better, native speakers who can converse with you and give you chance to practice your learning.

10. Get certified.

Are there any skills or knowledge you have that you could get assessed and certified in? From first aid to project management, you could chose something you’re interested in outside of work or you could choose something that you could help you with future career progression within your organisation. Certification proves that your skills and knowledge are above and beyond the required standard, as checked by an external assessor and they’re a great addition to your resume!

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